General Information

Stacked Stone Scenic Stage Panels at Event Detail View

Our three dimensional “Scenic Panels” are a great way to add dimension and interest to any corporate meeting stage, special event, video shoot and have many other uses. They are a great alternative to the standard black pipe and drape background that is used on many corporate meeting stage sets. Our panels are a modular system made up of 3 ft. x 5 ft., lightweight, three dimensional plastic panels that look great when used with colored accent lighting.

They can be up-lit and/ or down-lit with any color to match your corporate colors or event theme. They are a neutral, light gray color and have a finely textured surface that was carefully selected  to be less prone to “blow out” on video or I-Mag when lit with vivid colors. With many years in the live event production industry we wanted to avoid this common problem that occurs with many white spandex and other scenic elements.

Most panels can be hung in either “portrait” or “landscape” orientation and most seamlessly tile when placed next to another panel from the same set.

Our modular panels weigh less than five pounds each and your rental comes with hanging hardware to hang on your pipe and drape, truss or theatrical batten(s), etc. Rigging can also be easily adapted to other supports as well. Set-up is very easy and, in most cases, can be done with one or two people and is usually competed in an hour or less.

Our panels are constructed with a fire resistant plastic material similar to the material that airline interior walls are made from. Please visit our Fire Safety page for more informaton.