Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase scenic panels?

Currently, our panels are available for rental only. We will be adding more designs over time and most customers appreciate not being locked into a single design and enjoy having the ability to choose a different design for different events.

How much does it cost to rent scenic panels?

Rental pricing is based on the number of panels rented. The price per panel goes down after ten panels. Rental prices are based on usage at one event per rental, however we often work with clients that wish to use the panels for more than one event and spread shipping and/ or set-up/strike labor costs over two events or more. The bottom line is we try to partner with our clients to maximize the use of the panels to minimize costs whenever possible. Please call or email for price quote for your specific event(s).

Are payment terms available?

The short answer is: Generally we do not offer payment terms for the rental of our panels. We accept most major credit cards and most clients will be required to pay via credit card. In most cases, a security deposit will also be required to be authorized on the credit card used to pay for the rental. The authorization will be released from the card as soon as the panels and related items are retuned in good condition. In the rare case that items are needing repair, damaged beyond repair or items are missing upon return, the customer’s credit card will be charged for the repair or replacement of the affected items.

In the case of high volume customers, Cashmark Media may, at it’s sole discression, extend payment terms. Please contact Daryn Cashmark directly to discuss the details of this option.

What is the delivery/ shipping policy?

Free delivery and pick-up is included in your rental price for customer’s in the Kansas City, MO metro area. Nationwide shipping is available for customers that are not located in Kansas City. Shipping costs are not included in the panel rental cost and are billed at cost. Usually, time spent while shipping back and forth is part of the week that is included in the rental rate. Accommodations may be made on a case by case basis for clients that require the panels for extended perios due to shipping and are based on availability.

The panels are shipped on a custom pallet in an ATA style road case in order to insure they show up unharmed and looking great for your event. In the rare event that the shipping case is structurally damaged, there is concealed damage to the contents, or any items are missing, please contact Cashmark Media by phone (816-861-4200) immediately report the damage or missing items so we can make arrangements to solve any resulting issues as fast as possible. If you are calling after normal business hours, please leave a voice mail with the best number to reach you at and we will call back as soon as possible. If damage or missing items are not reported in a timely manner, the customer may be charged for repairs or replacement of the affected items.

Are lighting instruments included with the rental?

In order to avoid damage from heat we highly recommend using LED lighting instruments to light our panels. While we do have LED instruments avaiable for local rentals, we do not offer them on rentals that are shipped out of the Kansas City Metro area.

LED lighting instruments are now a very common item and most A/V rental houses and event production professionals already own LED lighting instruments suitable for use with our panels. If LED instruments are not available, they are a very common rental item and can be obtained from many A/V rental houses and in-house A/V production companies. In almost all cases, it is more cost effective to rent suitable LED lights locally than ship them from our warehouse.

Do the panels come with a support structure?

No, the panels do not come with any support structure. They have been engineered to be lightweight and are intended to be hung from a structure provided by the customer. Our modular panels weigh less than five pounds each and hanging hardware is included with your scenic panel rental. Common structures that have been used by our customers to hang panels from include: pipe and drape, lighting truss and theatrical battens. The J-Hooks included with your secnic panel rental are suitable for hanging from any horizontal structural member with a width of two inches or less. Set-up is very easy, and in most cases, can be done with one or two people and usually takes an hour or less.

Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of any support structure from which our scenic panels are to be hung.

Can end users rent scenic panels?

In order to achieve the best results and insure the safety of all persons, Cashmark Media generally only rents scenic panels to A/V, video production, and live event production professionals. If you are an end user and are already working with a A/V or production company or an event planner, please request that they call us to arrange for an affordable and trouble free rental of our panels. We will work closely with them to make sure that everyone involved is ahppy with the experience of using our panels. If you have not already chosen a company to work with, give us a call or drop us an email and we may be able to recommend a qualified company.

In some rare cases, we will rent to qualified end users. Please contact Daryn Cashmark to discuss this option.

If  needed, is it possible to clean the panels?

Accidents do happen. Drinks spill, people forget to make sure their hands are clean before handling panels etc.

Our panels are constructed from a plastic material and unlike some competitor’s products that are made from paper or cellulose based products, our panels can be easily cleaned with most houshold cleaners. We recommend LA Awesome and a soft terry cloth rag or towel for most cleaning jobs. Please do not use solvents or other harsh chemicals as they may permanently damage the panels.