CamMate Series 2000
For applications requiring serious reach, our CamMate Series 2000 is available for use with your camera or ours. It features extremely smooth pan, tilt, and lens control, and is compatible with most Canon and Fujinon broadcast lenses. Configurations ranging from 12 ft. to 32 ft. are available.

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For productions requiring smaller camera moves, the EZ FX manual camera jib is just right. It features all manual operation and has a fixed length of approximately six feet. It is the perfect size for adding subtle camera movement to interviews, product demonstrations, and many other applications where size and budget are of concern.

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  Our cranes and jibs are a great way to add visual excitement to your next production. The CamMate Series 2000 is available only with our experienced operator. The EZ-FX is available as a rental item.